Where to buy raw dog food?

Getting meat from local farmers is another fantastic option. Not only is it important to support local farms, but the local meat is usually fresher, as you don't have to travel that far to reach your dog's belly. Local farmers are a great choice when looking for higher quality meats, such as grass-fed, organic, free variety and certified human meats, to name a few. In addition, local farms often have options to buy in bulk.

I've seen many farms offer a whole cow to buy. They are even a great source of organs and other raw offal for your dog (liver, heart, kidney, lungs, etc. And they can also be a fantastic option for local products if you include plant material in your dog's diet. One last tip, it's worth establishing a relationship with the local farmer because they're more likely to offer deals or discounts for buying in bulk and getting the least desirable products out of their hands.

Pricing is probably flexible with farmers rather than with your local grocery store, so there may be room for negotiations. Farmers markets can be a great way to meet local farmers in your area and are worth checking out. While they may not have a wide variety of meat on hand, these markets usually provide a great opportunity to meet with farmers in your area and discuss their needs. Check out some of the sites below to find local farmers or a farmer's market closer to you.

Local Harvest — Use this site to find farmers' markets, family farms, and other sustainable food sources near you, Eat Wild — Has an excellent U.S. UU. Eat Wild farms ensure that their animals and farmland are well treated and that their products are highly nourished and free of added antibiotics and hormones, Farmers Market, Com: a directory used to find farmers markets and local food sources. Raw Paws Pet Food: Once Cooperated, Expanded to Full-Service Online Store.

Their entire inventory comes from USDA-inspected farms and they also provide a monthly Raw Paws service including raw food assortment packs, pre-divided meals and portion guides, Soul'y Raw - Specialty Raw Pet Food Providers located in San Marcos, California, We Feed Raw - RFM is a supplier carrying a wide variety of animal proteins and meat products for raw feeders. Dedicated to quality, reliability, sustainability and honesty, My Pet Carnivore: a family business with approximately 70 products from Midwestern farmers with the highest ethics and standards. A diet of raw food for dogs cannot touch the comfort of a kibble. It just doesn't get any easier.

Most dog parents want to give their pets the best food for them, so there has been a lot of interest in raw dog food in recent years. Frozen raw dog food is considered by many to be the purest type after homemade because of its minimal processing, but it requires refrigeration both before and after opening, and special shipping to prevent spoiling. All of their inventory comes from USDA-inspected farms and they also provide a monthly Raw Paws service that includes assorted raw food packages, pre-divided meals, and portion guides. Raw dog mixers and covers allow you to mix them raw with any dog or puppy food you normally feed your puppy, for a healthy boost of flavor and nutrients.

Chewy carries many of the best raw food formulas for dogs, including frozen, freeze-dried and dry foods, plus mixers, covers and raw treats to add extra nutrition to your dog's diet. Dry raw dog food formulas incorporate freeze-dried raw food elements into regular kibble, either by coating each piece or blending them into raw pieces for flavor and nutrition. Most of the larger pet store franchises, such as Petco and PetSmart, are starting to offer trademarks of raw dog food or freshly cooked diets. Of course, this list should not be considered a complete catalog of all raw dog foods on the market.

You can also find raw dog treats to supplement your raw diet plan or provide a very special supplement to a regular diet. Talk to your veterinarian about the potential benefits of raw foods for your dog and see which diet works best for both your lifestyle and your dog's needs. Feeding your pup with a raw dog food diet plan may seem daunting at first, but there are many great brands of raw dog food that make feeding raw food to dogs easy, convenient and simple. A raw food cooperative is an organization that allows members to place bulk orders and take advantage of lower prices.

We Feed Raw — RFM is a supplier that offers a wide variety of animal proteins and meat products for raw feeders. Freeze-dried raw dog food is shelf-stable and does not require refrigeration, but uses a special freeze-drying process to preserve many of the nutrients in uncooked raw meat. Some grocery store chains have freezers in their pet food aisles and carry a limited amount of commercial raw pet food. If you are looking for raw dog food delivery in New York State, Acabonac Pet Food should be your preferred supplier.

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