Which raw food is best for dogs?

A raw food diet won't solve all of your dog's weight problems, but it can help. Raw diets are calorie-dense and easy to digest, allowing you to feed smaller portions and provide better nutrition and energy to your dog. Being high in calories, it is important that you do not feed or overfeed your dog. Below you will find more information on proper feeding guidelines based on the age, size and more of your dog.

Serve a bowl of the best raw dog food and your canine companion will dine like he would in nature. We recommend talking to your veterinarian before changing your dog's diet. Once you've decided that a raw food diet is right for your dog, you'll find our picks below of the best raw food for dogs that will help you select a product that suits your puppy. There are many different options when it comes to the best raw food for dogs.

Before considering any of them, you need to check that it is the right decision. I started my dogs with Darwin's Natural Pet Food, which is a local company that ships raw pet food directly to your door. Starting with a raw food brand allowed me to immediately switch my dogs to a healthier diet of fresh food, while giving me time to learn about this new diet. In less than a year, I was ready to slowly move from raw food brands to DIY, which also helped me save money.

I've heard about Open Farm, but I've never given it to my dogs. Initially it was because they were a croquette company. When they started offering freeze-dried products, I was excited to try it, but they also offered fat-free goat's milk, which I guess is great for dogs with pancreatitis, but it wasn't something that interested me, so I left the brand. If not, look for raw foods that come in smaller quantities, portion-controlled containers, or freeze-dried foods that can be stored in a cupboard.

Natures Menu offers a fantastic selection of different raw food for dogs (as well as non-raw options). Usually, veterinarians discourage owners from eating raw food, especially homemade ones, which are likely to be contaminated with pathogens. We have long been taught that the bacteria in raw meat can be harmful to us, so it's easy to assume the same for your dogs. Before you choose to make your dog's food, I encourage you to do a lot of research and talk to a holistic veterinarian experienced in crafting raw food recipes and feeding plans for dogs in Canada.

Caliraw dog food is shipped frozen in resealable bags, making it quite easy to measure and serve. So, if you're looking to eliminate some of these less-than-ideal ingredients, it's worth considering raw dog food. There have been many reports of improved health when pets with chronic diseases switched from a commercial product to a raw dog food. What I love about Raw Paws Pet, besides the quality, is that their site really is unique and perfect for someone who is new to raw food.

Never cooked and without filling, this formula looks quite like a homemade raw food, but you won't have to take the trouble of mixing it yourself. They are also popular with pet owners who don't like to handle raw meat or simply don't have the freezer space to devote to their dog's food. It's exciting to see the continued growth of the raw food industry and, with so many people researching fresh food for their pets, I decided to share a list of my favorite raw food brands to help others try to figure out what works best for their dogs and cats (yes, I also have a cat). .

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