Why raw pet food?

A raw diet usually includes viscera, muscle meat, whole or. Raw food supporters claim they offer numerous benefits to dogs, including more energy and healthier teeth, skin and coat. Torres says there isn't much evidence demonstrating the benefits of feeding pets raw food, but there is evidence of health risks, such as exposure to pathogenic bacteria. Participating laboratories tested raw pet food for harmful bacteria, including Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes.

In previous projects, CVM had monitored dog and cat food for the presence of Salmonella. But prior to this study, the center “had not investigated the presence of Listeria in pet food,” said Renate Reimschuessel, a veterinarian with the CVM Research Office and one of the study's lead investigators. Reimschuessel further noted that “a fairly large percentage of the raw pet foods we tested tested positive for the pathogen Listeria monocytogenes. However, not all bacteria are harmful pathogens.

Some bacteria are useful for humans and animals, such as those that live in the intestines and contribute to a healthy gut. Raw food enthusiasts claim that the diet has given their pets more energy and healthier skin and coat. Bones from a raw food diet may be good for your dog's dental health. And the meat is denser in nutrients, which makes the stool smaller.

Although most raw food diets for dogs are all stages of life, Instinct Pet Food offers unique, personalized raw nutrition for puppies and older dogs. Raw diets are calorie-dense and easy to digest, allowing you to feed smaller portions and provide better nutrition and energy to your dog. No matter how average or unique your dog's dietary needs are, there is a raw dog food option to help your pet thrive. That's a big part of it, but the best raw diet for dogs should contain all of its essential nutrients, so muscle meat, organs, bones, and even a little greenery may be needed to help them thrive.

With homemade raw food diets, you can control which ingredient is included and the quality of those ingredients. That's where a brand like Carnivora Diets or Big Country Raw Pure formulas can be an excellent option to take control of your dog's diet. You may be exposed to bacterial contaminants both when preparing your pet's raw food diet and accidentally encountering your dog's feces. Feeding the best raw vitamins for dogs requires a little more work than a typical diet for dogs, so look for options that fit your lifestyle.

Supplementing your young and old dogs with fish oil supplements or offering fresh raw fish as part of their diet is the best way to provide adequate levels of DHA. Recommends that dogs with pancreatitis or other digestive problems start with a cooked homemade diet and clarify problems before switching to raw. Supporters of raw dog food diets are quick to point out that commercially processed pet food may contain harmful bacteria, as can raw meat offered for human consumption. When ingredients are exposed to high temperatures, such as those used in the manufacture of raw dog food, nutrients are denatured, making them less biologically available.

A raw food diet is just what it seems like you feed your dog only raw products such as raw meat, bones and certain vegetables. Many brands, such as Big Country Raw, have the option of complete raw food for dogs and customizable options to which you can add your own ingredients. .

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