Where to store raw dog food?

Keeping raw food frozen will prevent bacteria from growing and ensure that your dog's food remains safe to thaw, spoon and serve. Keep your pet's food frozen until it's ready to serve it. When you are ready to feed your dog, we recommend that you defrost the food and treats in the refrigerator. This may take a few days, but if you're in a hurry, you can speed things up by putting packaged food in warm (warm) water.

If you use freeze-dried raw pet food, you can store it in its original resealable packaging at room temperature. For best results (the most delicious taste and the most powerful smell), it is best to use freeze-dried food within 30 days after opening. While regular kibble should be transferred from large bags to a different container and painstakingly divided into portions each meal, our smaller bags of raw, frozen and frozen pet food can be stored in their original containers and are easier to store because they take up less space. In addition, they are easier to divide because they do not have to be removed from a large container.

Storing raw food for your dog is very similar to the methods you use to store your raw food, such as hamburgers and chicken.

For the most part, storing raw dog

food is like storing any raw meat you can cook for your family. Keep food frozen until you use it and put what you don't need back in the freezer. You can defrost a portion of the raw dog food in the refrigerator before serving it, and you can refrigerate leftovers for a few days before it spoils.

To protect other foods in the freezer, store frozen dog food away from everything else, possibly in its own container. Raw meat can quickly go rancid at room temperature. Always store raw pet food in the refrigerator for no more than four consecutive days in a covered container. If you prepare food in bulk, store it in the freezer with resealable plastic bags or freezer-safe containers.

Always remember that raw meats should be stored in the bottom of the fridge. Keep your new raw pet food as fresh as possible by storing it in the refrigerator or freezer, and be sure to serve them on a clean plate. After thawing your pet's new raw food, you have the option of dividing it into daily servings and re-freezing them for a later date. By feeding frozen raw food, you can nourish your dog and see a dramatic improvement in the dog's health.

If this sounds like you, here is a short list of places where you can find commercial (pre-made) raw dog food or ingredients for homemade raw food. The store owners I've met over the years know the pet food industry very well, so not only can I count on the food in their stores to be of high quality, if a brand changes their food, the pet store owner will be aware of it. Clean your workspace thoroughly after preparing raw dog food so you don't contaminate people in your household or any other food you can prepare in that space. In addition to the lowest prices, a raw food cooperative is a community of like-minded local pet parents and a valuable resource if you are new to raw feeding or are an experienced feeder.

There are health problems that you should be concerned about not only for your dog, but also for your family members if raw food contains microorganisms that cause diseases. Wash your hands and utensils thoroughly, and you'll be able to keep everyone, including your pet, safe when they're around raw food. Your dog loves to eat fresh kibble, but once you open a new bag of kibble, the food can go rancid or, worse, go rancid if stored incorrectly. Dry food can be left out all day for your dog, but canned food should not be left at room temperature for too long because it can spoil.

When defrosting raw foods, place them in an airtight container at the bottom of the fridge, under any cooked food or vegetables. A raw food cooperative is an organization that allows members to place bulk orders and take advantage of lower prices. .

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