Where to buy raw dog food in bulk near me?

Some grocery chain stores have freezers in their pet food aisles and carry a limited amount of commercial raw pet food. In addition to pet walkways, grabbing normal human quality meat is an excellent choice for your dog. However, depending on the number of dogs you have and their size, buying meat from your grocery store may not be the most financially viable option. It is also not the best option when looking for deals, savings and buying meat in bulk.

If you feed plants in your dog's diet, then buying herbs, fruits and vegetables from your local grocery store is usually a good idea. Another tip is to shop at grocery stores and ethnic food markets. Ethnic shopkeepers tend to carry more organ and offal products along with exotic meats. The raw feeders directory was created by Kimberly Gauthier, founder of Keep the Tail Wagging, a blog about raw feeding and raising dogs naturally.

Some grocery store chains have freezers in their pet food aisles and carry a limited amount of commercial raw pet food. There are some raw food brands on the list; I've included them to offer more options to people who don't have many sources in their area. Before joining my local raw food cooperative, I was about to feed kibble again because my dogs didn't do well with chicken and buying meat at the supermarket was expensive. They are even an excellent source of organs and other raw offal for your dog (liver, heart, kidney, lungs, etc.) All of their inventory comes from USDA-inspected farms and they also offer a Monthly Raw Paws Service that includes assorted raw food packages, pre-divided meals and portion guides.

I am raising five dogs on a raw food diet and I find that ordering bulk food and preparing food in bulk is the best thing for me and I share my recipes for raw food for dogs on my blog. Yahoo closed its groups, which used many raw food cooperatives; I have disabled those links and will update them as soon as I know the new home of the cooperatives. We Feed Raw — RFM is a supplier that offers a wide variety of animal proteins and meat products for raw feeders. However, I have found that smaller, locally-owned pet stores are better options for finding a wider variety of raw food for prefabricated dogs.

Most of the larger pet store franchises, such as Petco and PetSmart, are starting to offer trademarks of raw dog food or freshly cooked diets. The following is a list of raw food cooperatives that I have found through online research and other raw feeders. Due to the popularity of raw diets, many butchers now carry leftovers of raw meat, recreational bones and offers of products specifically for dogs. A raw food cooperative is an organization that facilitates bulk purchases of raw pet food for local raw feeders.

Raw food cooperatives tend to network, search for suppliers, pool purchasing power to buy in bulk at discounted prices, and coordinate orders, deliveries, and food pickup among members. A high quality pre-packaged raw diet dog food without HPP made with 100% natural ingredients, inspected by the U.S. US and USDA 26% approved.

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